Raspberry pi 5!

In the department of new releases:
The raspberry 5 just came out!! Exciting

With nvme support!


2x faster than a 4 for $5 more. you just need a fan and a bigger power supply, a second monitor, and a special hat to use the nvme, but it looks awesome. I think I NEED one of these. And it has a POWER BUTTON!!

I never got myself to make a powerbutton using the GPIO. Now I don’t need to :smiley:

I made a lot of power buttons and I always wondered why that was so difficult to include on a board that had everything but that.

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“worth the wait” Not so sure, still waiting on getting Pi 4’s. Pi’s were on of my favorite goto. But with the lack of supply and crazy price jumps,I will not get too excited

I agree. When they have supply to meet the demand at standard retail pricing then it will be worth the wait LOL

It’s been annoying with the shortages the last three years. But I still like my little Pies. They have a special place, and always will. The Arduino Leonardo and the Pi, that’s where all the madness began.

I’ve been buying PI 4s the past year by using the raspberry pi locator.
I’ve bought 4 8Gb Pi 4s in that time, a couple of CM4s, and a zero 2 W.

Having a PCIe interface plus the additional processor power on the 5 is a big deal.
I’m curious to see whether the Pi foundation has sufficient supply in distribution next month on the availability date.

As of just now, there was plenty of US stock of the 4 available:


Just noting that SparkFun is accepting preorders (limit 5) for the RPi 5…


And… it looks like the preorder is now full.

93€ is a lot more than the original pi 1 cost. I’ve still got one of those lying around, not knowing what to do with it. Taking any suggestions. :smiley:

I’m veeeery tempted by the Pi advent calendars. It’ll be a present to myself :smiley:

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The 1Gb versions which will be the low cost variant won’t ship until later this year or next. Demand for the 4Gb/8Gb is much higher, and in my opinion those are much better SBCs in terms of capabilities.

Plenty of makers use even the old Pis for useful things- like a pihole, for example. I usually save the old ones and when I see some kid or broke college student needing an SBC, pass it on to them. Better to re-use/re-puropse than to landfill it or leave it sitting unused in a scrap drawer.

My pihole runs on a 3 together with pivpn. :sweat_smile:

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