Random Reprints

Wondering if any of you have experienced randome reprints.

Example: Last night I had a print that was finishing up. I went to bed (I know, I know). This morning it had tried to print it 2 more times. In the process it destroyed my fan mount, my revo nozzle and welded the nozzle to the heater.

Some google fu brought up something about the touch screen randomly activating itself.

V4 with Manta M8p, EBB36, H2 Revo
Klipper. Only changes to base klipper involve the can bus part.

When a print ends it has a “restart print” button on the screen. Half the time I cant get the screen to work anyway but maybe a bug/spider crawls on it?

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What screen are you using?

Bigtreetech TFT35 Spi.

What do your Klipper logs show happened?

That my friend is a really good question. I will look at it tonight when I get home. Discovered it this morning before work.

Went through the logs. Not much understandable information in them. What I did get was that there were a lot of delayed g-code macros in them from Obico. I am no longer using it so I uninstalled it and once my new heater block parts for the Revo get here today I will see what else I can figure out.

New parts installed. New fan shroud installed (nice part @Ryan !). Printed a part and went to bed. Was fine this morning. It was a chance but heck, why not. No idea if it is fixed with the removal of the Obico stuff.

I do have issues with the TFT35 screen blanking out and not waking up. Maybe I need to look at a different option or just use a tablet through Mainsail.

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