Random rectangles on Estlcam

Hello, I cannot figure out why Estlcam keeps adding a random rectangle to my uploaded .svg files from Inkscape. For instance, I typed some text and setup a collegiate sign, and adjusted my working size in Inkscape and moved my design onto the project template. Then saved the .svg file and opened in Estlcam. Now there is a rectangle on Estlcam page and I don’t understand why. I have attached a screenshot of this. Please tell me how to get rid of this. Yesterday I set up a carve, and the random rectangle was way down on the work piece in Estlcam, so I didn’t notice it until Estlcam showed me the toolpath at the end. Had to rework the whole thing a second time.

The rectangle is on the right side of the Estlcam work area

Have you tried looking at the svg in another program? Is it possible it’s the inkscape page?

Not yet, I assume it is coming from.the Inkscape page as well, but can’t figure out why or how it is landing on the final .svg.


it is most likely the rectangle representing the page.

You can just ignore it - an additional rectangle doesn’t matter.


Thanks Christian. The issue with ignoring it is when you create your gcode, this rectangle can be way down on work area and out of sight. It would be nice to eliminate the box appearing altogether, as one time I created a complete carving with multiple selections, and only upon seeing the toolpath simulation did I see the router path shoot way down on the y axis to find the rectangle.

I guess you’re doing auto toolpaths? You can select the toolpath on the rectangle and delete it. Or you can manually just make the toolpaths on the letters. You’ll probably also want to set you origin explicitly.

I think there’s a way to make the oage not show up in inkscape. But I forget how.

I tried auto toolpaths, which is what made me notice it. The first few carves, I did not use the auto function, so it never showed up, but since I am looking into laser engraving and other ideas, I was worried when I used the auto feature for converting .stl files it could be missed and cause the router to veer way off to address the triangle. I just selected and deleted the tool path this go round, but was hoping for long term fix.

I think I had this before and fixed it by saving the file as a different file format. I know ESTLCAM can load .SVG and .DXF and I had the random rectangle in .svg format. But this random rectangle doesn’t always show since I have many other files in .svg and I don’t see it on those other images. Hope this helps