Ramps 1.4 Stupid Question

So if someone was stupid/careless and connected their new z probe up wrong and shorted the pos and negative on Z, would they have blown up the A) Stepper, B) Ramps board, or C) Their new arduino, they just replaced a few months ago.
I am guessing it is C) the arduino, but I would love it to be A) stepper, as I have an extra one couple of those.

I am sure I can rule out A) as I replaced it as I had one here, and it still did not work. (Display is real bright).

Do you mean that you shorted the +5V pin and ground on the ZMin end stop on your RAMPS 1.4 board?

This would possibly damage a 5V power source, maybe the regulator on the Arduino Mega. It should be a relatively easy fix, if you have another 5V power source, or with it connected to USB. (And jumpered to take 5V power from USB) thisnis likely the cheapest way to work around the problem, and check of you have blown your 5V regulator. It is a pain to replace, but possible. I would just add external 5V power myself…

OR, did you short something else to the touch plate? Like 12V, or motor power? The touch plate is generally connected to the signal pin, so shorting it to +12V is a problem. I believe the RAMPS 1.4 has those directly connected to the Mega 2560, and this would not deal with that well.

The pos and neg on the z end stop. Instead of neg and the s pin. I replaced ramps. i also powered arduino from usb. But when i power up the ramps the screen goes bright and you it looks like the arduino shorts out. I think it time to abandon ramps!!! I need to get a jackpot!

Last time I shorted an end stop it smoked the 5V regulator on the Mega board.
If you are good with a soldering iron it’s worth a try as it’s about $2 for a replacement.

Ok thanks!

Sometimes it just takes out the pin, not the regulator. If you are that lucky and just the pin is dead, you can edit Marlin to reassign ZMin to a new pin.

Right now, it will only boot the arduino via usb. But if I boot from usb and then power up the ramps, the screen then goes solid white. I think i am done with ramps.

I’ve made this repair as well. Got the part (and a couple of spares) from DigiKey.

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