Rambo 1.4 dual endstop

Hi there!
I’m moving from the mini Rambo to the Rambo 1.4 so I can use the dual endstop functionality. I believe I wired everything as instructed but even when no switch is connected I get those values:

Send: M119

Recv: Reporting endstop status
Recv: x_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: x2_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: y_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: y2_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: z_min: open
Recv: Joystick X8202 Y7701 Z8082 EN=LOW

Right now I have only X1 and X2 endstops connected but the X home command will not work. It only moves the X axis to few millimetres positive. If I manually close one of the endstops and send the command it will work for that stepper and it will stop moving when I release it so I decided to invert the switch connection to the normally closed, however that didn’t work either.

Is that anything I should modify in the firmware so, just like on the mini Rambo, the endstops would be normally open? Is that any reason it is like this for the Rambo or did I do anything wrong?

Best regards, Felipe

That looks like an appropriate result if the X and Y switches are wired Normally Closed.

Try holding down the lever on one swtich, running M119 again, and seeing if the reported state changes. You should be able to check operation of each switch that way.

I’m not using the official firmware, but I believe it is set up for Normally Closed switches.

Tom is right. The Rambo dual end stop firmware expects the four switches to be normally closed. The report you received is exactly what would be expected if you don’t have any switches connected. The small amount of movement you see is the retest sequence. The firmware see it is already at the end stops, backs up a bit to retest, and then it attempts to test the switches again only to find that they are already triggered. If you plugged in X1 and X2 and it still says “TRIGGERED,” then you probably plugged the wires to the wrong terminals on the end switches.

Thank you. It all makes sense. It seems like I connected the wrong leads of the switch when I tested the normally close option. For the switch I have, it should be the external ends. All wired up now and working fine. Thanks!

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