Rabbet Help

Ok so I’m making tool paths for my next cabinet cut, and I’m having issues. Mostly because I’ve never programmed rabbets, usually do them by hand with my router after the fact.

I use Estlcam, and I can cut the dadoes easily using the peel as recommended in the help files, but what about rabbet cuts? I tried using the peel but that clearly wasn’t right, because it only allowed me to do part of the tool path that way. BUT, if I choose linear as my method, it shows the tool path all the way up the cut as it’s supposed to be.

So my question really is, am I doing this right? Choosing ‘Hole’, then making the part I want to Rabbet a pocket? Or is there another way to achieve this?

And is linear a good idea for a LR2? Or nah?

I have done them before, and I chose to add a rectangle in CAD that extended past the edge of the workpiece.

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Yes, I designed my CAD the same way. Just not sure how to set it up in CAM tho.

Edit: Maybe I shoulda put this in the software topic, I wasn’t thinking when I posted it here. Could someone please move it, so maybe a fellow Estlcam’er will see it? Thanks!