Quick squaring video


Not turning on the router is smart. I like it!

Your LR just zips too. Nice to see it moving fast.

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That is so cool. Smart method!

I gotta get me one of those tiny touch plates. I like how it stores right there on the gantry — unlike my inconvenient thing that never gets used.


Hey, consider putting a link to the tiny touch plate in the description on the YouTube side!

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@vicious1 - how did you get your LR3 to move that fast? And (more to the point), what do I have to do to mine to make it scream around like that??

First is turn up the current on your drivers, making sure to keep the steppers under 50C (I keep mine a bit under 40C). Then you have to do a lot of testing. I have turned up the max speed on each axis, and slightly bumped up some accelerations. I test to failure and then back off significantly.

So the standard warning, though. It will only save you a few seconds to a couple minutes per job, for 90% of the users out there it is just not worth it. Failures happen harder and faster this way. More things will break when you make a mistake. I ship the machines tuned to skips steps when overloaded, not push through it. Turning up the steppers make them strong enough to rip itself apart if you are not careful.


One more thing to add to that, turning up the steppers need to be done with summer temperatures in mind. Typically, they are tuned to X degrees over ambient. So keep that in mind, You can go higher in the winter but if you forget to turn them down you will melt your printed parts.


Thanks for the video and tips.

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