Quick Release for Attachments

I plan to go between my Dewalt, a 3d printer and a lazer cutter. I would like to not have to switch out head attachments by changing the holder each time. Has anyone spend any energy in such a solution? I want to start working on one but didn’t want to over invest if someone has already started down that road and has some do/don’t dos.

I have been trying to figure out a good one. The problem is giving up rigidity. The current is only 2 screws and is very solid. Easy to do a quick mount for everything except the spindle. The spindle you need all the rigidity you can get. I would love to see a solution if you have an idea.

Im thinking something with some wing nuts or something where it slides down in a channel going along with the z path and then the wing nuts would pass through about the fitting. Ill mock something up. Im still slowly putting together the machine and continue to add some of the remix parts but agter that I have an idea.

Good idea to finish and try what is provided before you make changes.

This guy has the right idea

Check this out