Quick Release Dust Collector Connectors

I designed these for myself and start having people ask to buy them so i came up with a better deisgn and started selling them.
Quick release magnetic dust collector connectors. Multiple options include various conversions between 4" and 2.5" connections. Includes a solid interconnected magnetic hold, flexible tool cuff to fit most connections with a strong hold, and hose clamps for each piece to ensure rigidity.
$32 + shipping - set of 4" Hose and Tool Connectors
$30 + shipping- set of 2.5" Hose and Tool Connectors
$15-16 + shipping for additional connectors

Visit my store or PM me: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1581995315/quick-release-dust-collection-connectors


Those look really nice. I have a similar thing I printed myself and these look like they will work much better.

IDK who needs to know this, but I learned while making the ones similar to these that magnets will lose their magnetism if they get hot. I tried to sink them into the plastic by using a soldering iron and they lost their magnetism. I made the holes larger and epoxied them in.

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Nice desegn.

I too made myself a set like this. But any little bump pulls them off. The recessed magnets would probably help with that. My other thought is to create a twist then the magnets take hold. Just imbed the magnets under a single print layer.