Quick Disconnect and Vac attachment for Bosch Colt

I have been working on redesigning my vacuum attachment for the Bosch Colt on the MPCNC. I used http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:200583 as a starting point for the vacuum attachment. After remixing it in the 2 parts this was originally in, I realized I could make it into 1 part. After getting that to work, I found a cool quick disconnect for the Bosch but was mounted on linear rail. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:648883. I converted the STL files to openscad so I could make some adjustments and add the mount to the MPCNC. I wanted to be able to use the 2 of these together. After looking at the assembly of the parts, I had to go back and adjust the vacuum attachment so it would not interfere with the quick disconnect part. In order to get it to fit, I had to make an angled adapter for the vacuum hose. Here are some photos & screen shots of the design. This is for the original 3/4" EMT MPCNC. I did make an option for the newer C-525 version, but that will be an untested version until someone else tries it. I will upload these to thingiverse after I print & test them.

This is on thingiverse located here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2131782. I am pretty happy with this so far. Here is 37 second video showing how the router is removed & installed.

I had to redesign the vacuum attachment as silly me made the 1st version too long. Turned out not to be too difficult to make it shorter. I was amazed at how well this picked up the dust. What you see in the photograph is about the only dust that did not make it into the Vacuum on the cutting of this maze. It did feel a little flimsy, but supporting the vacuum hose from above with a rope worked really well.

I have now started making the vacuum connection part of the quick disconnect & included an openscad screen capture of the assembly. I mirrored the mount so the latch connection is opposite side as shown in the photograph. This is so the vac connection is more along the y-axis which is my longer axis. I would like to cut out some more plastic from the design, but will probably not for the 1st print. It will be next week before I get around to printing it.
I will update the design on thingiverse after I test this last change.

You’ll get better cuts if you attach the hose at the bottom and remove the pipe.

If you are talking about the pipe shown in the video or in the 1st message, I did remove that pipe. IMG_2317_800x600.jpg shows my current setup in the last message. Hanging the vac hose from above seems like it puts very little stress on the tool mount. The purple adapter I use to get the connection to vertical. I made that adapter separate so I can remove the vac connection in case I want an additional 1" or so cutting room in the Y-Axis. Since I made this part of the quick disconnect, I may be able to get the vertical vac transition without the height of it going above the horizontal EMTs at the end of the Y-axis. That way I could get rid of the purple adapter. Here is a section showing the vacuum flow better.

Oh, missed that pic. Cool.