Question fielded via YT: can a control device communicate via USB instead of Wifi

Got this question via YouTube.

Is it possible to use a display device via usb with this board?

I told them I had not tried, though it sounds like it be should possible, even likely, but that I’d want to have the forum weigh in on it.

(The YouTuber, Joe Ramdial, is located outsite the USA, I think.)


You can plug in an oled module to display a few things but there is no control. If you want a display fluidnc is not a good firmware for that.

Got it. I was talking about plugging in either a PC or a tablet (in case of a tablet, presumably using an OTG connector) to get data communication via USB. Maybe not doable. ?

Yes, you can use USB, or even Bluetooth. You can turn the radios off when doing that to save cycles. Jackpot CNC Controller - V1 Engineering Documentation I have it listed in the specs section.

wait, turn off and not reflash? I was going to reflash the esp. I need to look into this!

sure enough, when will i learn, LOL
$Wifi/Mode= *. It will respond with [MSG:INFO: Valid options: Off AP STA STA>AP] .

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