Question about using a laser for carving

I’ve searched all over the net and cannot find an answer to this. If I use a laser with the MPCNC can it do carvings that has different depths like this image?

Yes, all lasers are capable. It is not easy though, it takes extremely fine laser settings and a really consistent material. Consider that an extremely advanced laser ability. Not really machine dependent.

That is varying the laser power or movement speed to cut deeper or shallower.

Have a look at the train in the gallery, Laser section.


Thanks for the replies. Is this something a $100 laser will do or should I just start out with Dewalt router?

I believe the train was done with the $100 laser, did the link work to more info?

As for which one to use they are just different techniques to achieve similar results. Something that detailed will take a long time either way.

I’m trying to locate the train, but cannot find it in the forum



Wow that’s amazing. Thanks for linking me. Well I’m printing the parts for it right now. Can’t wait!

That is a very skillful use of the laser, I have never had the patience to get the tuning that perfect.