Question about touch screens

Me again, sorry for spamming the forum with questions but I have another one.

Just been looking at control board options for my Lowrider build. I am looking at getting the BTT SKR Pro as I am familiar with SKR boards from my 3D printer.

I also plan to use a Raspberry PI with CNC.js to control it.

So my question is that seeing as I am planning on controlling it through the PI is there any benefit or need to have a screen connected directly to the SKR board?

As i understand it anything I could do on the screen I can also do through the PI.


You can do everything through the pi. Some things you might need to configure a macro for, or for the rare stuff, just punch it in the terminal. I don’t have a screen on mine.

I like the screen to help me know the controller has booted.

It’s also a good backup in the event my pi won’t boot because the microsd card is corrupt again.

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