Question about Hardware

I’m just ordering the nuts and bolts and have a question.

The M3.5 x 20 bolts/screws, does it matter if they are 4mm instead of 3.5? Pretty hard to get here in Australia aparently


I examined one of the STLs that has this hole and found it to be 3.91mm diameter. M4 is not going to fit without drilling it out.

Being a design from US, it’s originally 6-32 and M8 which happens to be close to M3.5 and 5/16. When I built mine I had to go 6-32 and 5/16 because M8 are expensive at big box stores and I haven’t found M8 allthreads at retail at all. Of course M3.5 is nowhere to be seen. M8 is because the 608 bearings are 8mm in the middle.

Just curious, are you able to get 6-32 in Australia?

Yes I can probably get 6/32, but I can just drill them out to 4mm right?

The only thing I would say on a cautionary note is be careful when tightening them up.

Because the holes were designed for 3.5mm screws the cutout for the nut isn’t quite big enough for you to grab hold of it even with thin nosed pliars.

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