Question about CAM

I’m building my MPCNC slowly, and in the meantime trying to learn CAM in Fusion 360. I’ve used Fusion 360 for about a year now doing models for my 3D printer. One question I have for those of you who might be using Fusion 360… what post processor would you pick to create the g-code for the MPCNC? I’m going to use an MKS Gen L V1.0 controller with Marlin.

Guffy post processor is very good.

I think the most recent free downgrade won’t separate rapid from cutting moves, so fusion cam is a little bit goofy on the free version.

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As Jeff says, almost all the Fusion 360 post processor questions on this forum are users of Guffy’s post processor. It can be found here:

As for the issues with the free version of Fusion 360, they can be “fixed” using an M203 to set the max feedrate for the Z axis and saved to EEPROM using an M500. Just execute the following g-code once:

M203 Z8

Note this g-code expects values to be in mm/s where most other g-codes use mm/min. Also I don’t know if this is a perfect fix. It solved my lost Z steps for me, and projects I’ve done since making this change have all turned out.