Quest for the Holy LowRider 2 pieces - Where are all the pieces?

I feel like I’m on some game of Quest for the Holy LowRider 2 files and items at this point. Things for the LR2 seem to be scattered all over the site and simple things tend to take quite a bit of time to find. Seems most of the info/files are in the MPCNC with LowRider pieces scattered into them. The actual firmware code for the LowRider took me almost an hour to find after bumping into it purely by accident.

Ryan- as a programmer / web developer since punchcard days, I’ll be happy to help you get a little better organization on the LR2 page. Right now Quest is painful and time consuming and a tad frustrating. We can make this better and more streamlined if you are interested. You have my contact details :slight_smile:

This is an AWESOME UNIT! Now to find all the files and get it going. Next on the list- Crown Test- Of course that requires finding the file for the pen 3d print that fits the LR2 and doesn’t interfere with the dust collector.

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I am working on your previous suggestion. I do appreciate your comments and am working on it one at a time. A soon as the orders are packed I will finish the page shuffle. I am having server issues so I had to stop this morning and work on that.

Firmware is the same for the lowrider and MPCNC. I thought it said it on the firmware page and the lowrider page but if not I am adding it to the to-do list. As for instructions everything is the same, the differences are highlighted at the end of the lowrider build page. As I find incorrect wording I am making it machine agnostic.


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Can you be more specific. I have two lowrider pages everything should be there.


They are the same files and in the “Firmware” section of the lowrider page it has this info.


I will add another menu item this evening. I think most of the confusion is just that nothing is different. In some places it might say MPCNC or have it in the filename but it is all the exact same. You have given me a lot to work on in the last four posts, It is noted and in progress. It has never come up before and we are on the second version so I see where some things are iffy but first I am hearing of this stuff.

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Ryan, I’ve been frustrated as well. Not dogpiling on you but I found these issues too. Remember back when I suggested adding a page for related items that aren’t part of the build. Someone replied that the ADVICE section was for that. Honestly, I kept ending up in the MPCNC when I thought I was in the LowRider forum. Each should have its own home and set of pages. It’s disconcerting to hunt info down. I’m sure it’s frustrating for you to answer the same questions over and over.

I suggest having a complete build on a single page that is on a responsively designed webpage. I can do this for you easily and all you would need is a link to and from the page. I’ll donate time if needed because eventually I’ll be able to afford my own LR and I’m going to need to use those instructions too.

Please contact me. I want you and your business to succeed and this will ensure that. If you want to see my responsive website, visit It is a single page with links to other things (also responsive for cell phones and tablets) like the plans and coding for an autonomous robot.

Thanks for your fast replies, great customer service and more. Now let us help you with the menial things so you can apply your talents to more important issues.


Please be more specific to what you think is missing. What I have found is a direct link to the boards and wiring was missing and I have added it a few hours ago.

I have all my parts linked to what and where they fit (example would be the board cases and tool mounts) Other than that there are hundreds on hundreds of specific parts on thingiverse. Every item I have made is linked. As for the rest I can not link them all, A thingiverse search is much more useful, as is clicking the link in the gallery.

Each has it’s own pages, and separate forums. Even though 99% of the info is exactly the same for both builds. Other than putting them together, nothing is different. The mpcnc comes up more often because I sell it more by a factor of 30 or so and it has been around twice as long.

Any question I have to answer more than once gets merged into the instructions. As an example no one has asked me about the lowrider firmware or wiring in over a year of having it released. I got asked today, found out it was not there and fixed it. My typical way of going about this is responding with a link to the information, or giving the information and then adding it to a page. Rarely will I answer the same question without making a change.

I am not a fan of this style for the amount of information that it would need to include. That page would look like the drop down menu I currently have on the site, plus all the build pages expanded. I whole heatedly feel that is not the answer for a page with this much information. as you would be scrolling for a very long time.

I love the input and I am working on each suggestion. I do not sit idle and am striving to improve 24/7. If you find a specific lack of information let me know and I will work on resolving it.

What parts are you not finding? The “Lowrider Parts” page (Menu option Home -> LowRider CNC -> 1. LowRider Parts) has a pretty comprehensive list of the parts: (I copied and pasted the tables into Excel and highlight each row as that part is acquired or printed.)

As far as I can tell, everything is right here under these menu options.

[attachment file=73160]


Hi Heath. I should have been more specific - the parts list is fine for me. The issue was finding the right versions of firmware coupled with pictures on some assembly pieces such as the end stops. I also had some frustration with the wires that extend over to the Z and X motors on the other side of the table- I had to reverse 1 but there wasn’t anything in the forum or site to explain the wiring issues. (40 years of experience in reversing wires and wire wrapping helped)

Anyway, to me there isn’t a streamlined location where I can find the information in 1 spot for the LR2. An example of this was that the firmware is over in a firmware page. I think if Ryan puts direct links on the LR2 page that go over to direct items (such as RipRap Controller Rambo X.X latest firmware) that can help. Trying to think how I could send clear and concise info that was difficult for me to find. I tended to fall into the software by pure luck. The “Most Recent Code” up on Github I didn’t see the latest code that worked for the LR2. Some of the explanations on the page I flat missed. So it’s a mixture of not seeing it easily and having to go to different places to figure it out.



Not everyone uses the same board. I have a direct link to the firmware page on the LowRider page. And some instructions on the lowrider page.

If you think I should reword it let me know what you suggest.


Direct linking to github files could really really really confuse some people that have never seen or used it. As it is I have pictures showing how to use it and people still flash the first firmware all the time (which is 100% wrong).


I have made 4-5 changes to the LR page already, and changed the MPCNC assembly page and the website drop down menus. I has to be more clear now.

All of these machines are so flexible and there so many different backgrounds that people come from. Some people are CAM operators, some mechanics, some mechanical engineers, some software developers, some woodworkers, some k-12 students. Some people want to buy the best parts, some want to use what they have, and some want to find the cheapest eBay solution.

It’s is literally impossible to give the right information for that crowd. The way Ryan minimizes the pain (and maximizes his efforts on other benefits) is to have piecemeal, learn as you go instructions. I have made each of his machines and I have going all the information I needed, and I posted other questions in the forums. This is not Ikea. It’s much closer to a computer. The manual tells you where the power cord goes. It doesn’t tell you how to buy something from Amazon.

I hope I’m not offending anybody. I really mean no disrespect. I totally understand where you’re coming from. This is just where I think there is a miscommunication happening.


If we are going for Ikea instructions can we vote on what the little “guide” guy looks like?