Putting my bowl bit to work

So, ended up with a 32” x 5.5” piece of walnut, and a box full of new SpeTools CNC bits… and I’ve always wanted to make a tray or bowl on the CNC

This run was limited to 7/8” thickness, clearing out a 5/8” void. Used a 1/4”
Shank, 3/8” diameter 2 flute tray bit, running at 15mm/s 3mm step down, 10mm/s plunge on first tray, but noticed some flex and lift as the big bit plunged, so reduced that down to 6mm/s

Both pieces took 10-15 minutes to model in Carveco, and I just went straight to finish pass- 4mm step over on the bit left a tiny bit of a
Ridge that I could knock back with some
120 grit.

Profile cut was a 1.5” long reach 1/8th spiral down cut, at 25mm/s and 3mm step down. It’s possible that’s running a little fast for the walnut, so I want to experiment a little bit.

Once off the bed, taped it to my bench (love formica for this sort of stuff) 1/8” round over with the palm router, then ROS 80, 120, 180, 220, water pop, repeat sand.

Then I dunked them in mineral oil
For 20 minutes and removed excess with a rag to buff

Wife is taking the round one as a ring tray, and I’ll probably end up piling a couple bags of M&Ms in the rectangle one


Is it big enough for a deck of cards?

Thank you for posting information about the preparation & process such as the software, bits, etc. For the uninformed (me), it is helpful.

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i dont know… how big is a deck?

but 5 mins in Carveco to change it since its parametric, and sure!


no problem

im very much still learning, but my biggest annoyance with watching youtube videos of this stuff is that it all lacks those details. makes the barrier to trying these projects kinda high, mentally.

With Ryan providing the hardware in the form of the LR3, the least i feel i can do for the community is share the details, and show people that this stuff doesnt need a huge OneF or Xcarve

the big clue for me was the fact the OneFinity uses the makita palm router… so it at least must be capable in theory

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Is that on a full 4’x8’ build? Ball nose?

I just looked at that setup. I am really wondering how all these builds compare in terms of speed. Even better would be work volume/dollar + mm/s/dollar!!

And it says onefinity has patents pending I wonder if it is the shape of the rail holders?

My LR3 is 5x3 - couldn’t quite for a 4x8 in my space.

The bit is a big boi-

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OOOOOHHHH!!! Buddy you were tearing through that Walnut, nice!

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Yeah, didn’t miss a step.


3.5"x2.5". AFAICT. I’m sure there is a lot of variance, and the radius is probably smaller, so you would have to add in some buffer.

Looks like fun.