Put me in the acrylic group too!

Happy to announce my co2 laser cuts through 12mm acrylic like butter! Put me in the acrylic YZ plate group with all the other cool kids!


Man that’s clean with the laser cut. One day ill join the CO2 laser club lol.

Now you just need some LED lights underneath them LOL

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I followed Ryan’s LR3 color scheme for mine, would be so sick to have a red glow underneath it!

My laser is a small one, I think 12x24. It’s only a 50w and I was afraid it wouldn’t have enough power to cut through 12mm, but it proved me wrong. It’s a blast having one for sure. But I will always love my CNC machine more.

Roughly what did the material cost you?

I ordered (2x) 12x12 sheets from amazon, and it was just a tad under $45 for the pair. Not sure if that’s a good price or not to be honest. But it was cheaper than MakerStock, which is where I get my MDF for my laser cut signs.

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That’s what I have used for all of mine. If I remember right I was able to set it up to get 2 out of one. But I could have had a larger sheet I don’t remember LOL


It was a 12x24 that I got 2 out of and could have fit a 3rd…



These are the ones I purchased.

I tried to get 2 out of 1 sheet, but just couldn’t orient them in such a way. But I’m also impatient, and I wanted to get to cutting haha

A 12x24 sheet, I might could have gotten 3, or 4 out of by doing one upright, and the next one upside down and nested super close.

Edit: Just saw your edit, exactly what I was typing when you posted it! haha

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They do look nice! Is acrylic stiffer than print/mdf? Or is it also a cosmetic thing? Must look really cool on the machine :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t mind having some available. I need to look into pricing or see how efficient one of you can get making a few more.

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This is why I want a CO2 laser.

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I have a CO2 laser that could make some as well.

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They’re very stiff. More like metal than mdf if I was to compare. There is zero flex, and I read that it doesn’t suffer from warping in humidity and heat the way MDF does. Being in the southern US, the humidity is bad 13 months out of the year!

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I’m happy to help! Took me about 12 minutes to cut both plates. If I can help ya make some, and a few others jump on board, you could keep them in stock!

PS - You were right, boltdepot had everything I needed, thank you for that referral!

I’ve had alot of fun with mine. My wife and I make signs, like round door signs and the 4’ vertical welcome signs. It has always seemed more like fun than work, and we’ve made a TON over the past year since I got the laser.

I got the Omtech Polar 350, 1/4 the cost of a glowforge and comes with all the accessories like rotary, the fan and hoses for venting out the window, extra lenses and mirrors. Once you open the crate, you’ve got everything you need to start cutting/engraving! In my year of using it, I couldn’t recommend it more.

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Yeah the 1/2" acrylic seems stiffer than the 3/4" MDF I was using before. Plus it just looks better LOL. Wish I had a CO2 laser I would for sure jump on board making some. But it takes too long cutting them with the LR3 compared to what these guys can do with a CO2

@vicious1 we really need a V1 CO2 machine!!!


NOW we’re talking!

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Personally, would be happy with a MPNAD, Mostly Printed Not A Deathray adapter kit, that turns a 2000W Fiber Laser Cleaner into this…

Any liability issues?

And the flamethrower

Damn, that’s wild! I spent alot of time laughing too tho, so what’s that say about me? LOL

“Introducing, the V1 Laser Turret Kit to Do-It-Yourself!”

Yep, I’d get behind that project :smiley:

I got a 80w co2 laser and I can confirm they’re great.
In some ways they are comparable to a cnc router in other ways not. I use mine for making signs mostly too.

I really enjoy the combination of the two.

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