PSU minimum amps


My ATX PSU would not come on that I had planned to use for the power. I have a 12v 4.58A power supply that would like to use until i get a new PSU in to finish the build. I seen that the recommended rating is 5a on 12 volts. Did i miss something or could this smaller PSU work until i get the larger one in? I am not going to be running full time but want to get motors wired and functional.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Are you 3D printing? If not, then that 4.58A PSU would work fine. I’m also assuming you aren’t powering your spindle/router with that same supply. 4.58A is enough for the motors, drivers, and controller.

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Last time I checked with all the steppers running and a hot end heating is was pulling 3.1A@12v once the hot end heats up this would be even less. I should run this test again to verify (2 1/2 years later) but you should be fine.

Sweet! I will not be doing 3d printing at this time or on this PSU. the spindle has it own PSU…


thanks for the quick feedback.