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Or got sucked into a post-modern Victorian dimension…

Not far off. I had Midjourney create it with the prompt, “laser cut wooden letter ‘R’, circle, steampunk.” For anyone who is interested, here are four alternates produced by Midjourney (with slightly different prompts):


I agree avatar’s definitely help !!
And this thread has helped me re identify ppl haha Ryan !!
It’s neat reading the back stories thanks for sharing.
I just chose something that ppl find interesting from work. I don’t do the social media stuff much anymore.
Also rad car too reminded me of that enviate car from a bit ago that was garage built.


I’m still getting caught up here in the V1-sphere but figure I can identify with this guy at least for the next many whiles as I get these rebuilt machines to work.

And to be fair I could probably pull it off IRL if I ever ended up at a meet somewhere…not a lot different than Halloween last year…same fur and fangs, just a different color needed. Ha!


@macboy Awesome avatar, and very fitting

I actually did this once. I was a regular member of some expat forum in China and from time to time we were doing gatherings for any interested members to share a meal in real life.

I got the list of all the people who intended to come that time and I designed and 3D printed a little badge for each and every person, most of the time based on their avatar but also based on some famous forum anecdotes or nicknames for the ones whose avatars weren’t really printable.

It took me more than two weeks of hard work (designing each of them in Tinkercad, then printing all the badges) and this was actually my first or second real 3D printing project ever. I think there were a little bit less than 40 different badges in total.

But it was totally worth it, people have been going nuts about the badges and it was a huge sucess.
Some people even replaced their old avatars with pictures of the printed badges :star_struck:

Too bad everyone of them has left China by now, but it was pretty cool and we had a great time.


That is too freaking cool. That would make things so much easier. When I meet someone I think avatar, then I try to think of something recent they did. It is like a game for my brain can’t stop it.

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