rewards update

Prusa printers has gamified the site and I think it is pretty cool for users and designers. That link has all the info. In short now is the best time to post your makes of any V1 Engineering prints as well as adding likes and reviews, it benefits me and you!

I really want to earn this one,
Screenshot 2021-12-19 153321


Missed this post (too close to Christmas I guess) - seriously - you have 11,000 downloads just on PrusaPrinters?

Gamification or not, I’ve found it an easy setup to use, and since I’m not in business it’s just a nice place to dump my hobby stuff that might be shareable. The fact that I’ve got enough credits for a roll of filament is nice, but not my driver - however I can see that lots of downloads will make a nice little earn for some!

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Kinda funny I just want the badges, I did not look at the actual prizes. I think the site is set up well and functions reliably, I don’t get emails about messages though. It is much better than the alternatives in my opinion.

Well, they have a hat…spool or a hat, that will be tough.

The download numbers on thingiverse used to be insane, then they stopped working for like an entire year, now the download numbers have not worked ever since. I would love to know how many builds are actually out there. I had to look, last year was a bit slow but I sold 799 primo kits out of the shop, 2020 there were a combined primo burly sales of 959. I really feel like there are faaaaar more self built than kit builds, though.

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Well now I am geeking out on the numbers. I was wrong about TV, views stopped counting.

They were at a combined, 1.89 million views, 376k downloads, just on the MPCNC. Blows my mind.


At the same time, tons of youtube videos get millions of views in a day, took me 7 years to get there.

Of course I’m not in business, but I get blown away with two downloads in a day! :smiley:

Click the “bell” logo and at the top right there’s an email setting -



I thought Thingiverse counted each individual file download though. So if you have a post/thing with 10 parts and someone clicks download all files it counts as 10+ downloads. I say plus because I am not sure if they also count the pictures that it zipped up with the store files.


When @vicious1 said

There’s no doubt about who owns the game! :rofl:


OK an update - in seven days I’ve scored a bucket load more points - this is partly because I’ve uploaded a couple of “make” pics, but mostly because one of my things has had a few uploads - 100 in a month gets 50 points - I didn’t expect that, but my sanding disk box has earned me 80 points. Of course the rules only allow you to “buy” one spool of filament at a time, but when was the last time Thingiverse gave you anything? (except heaps of customers I mean… :rofl: :rofl:)

Here you go - download this and give me the sort of fame known only to those who have had 150 downloads! :wink:


I need to take a picture of my sanding discs, pretty funny. I have paper operators in a torn cardboard box…but when I “made” it I was so stoked I could not believe I had not done something sooner. I use it all the time now.


Have you considered adding a couple of short “alignment pegs” inside the lid to make lining up the dust collections holes in the paper and the sander easier?

Hi Tom, yes I did and THIS is what resulted! It can be stored in the box or elsewhere and is a very quick and adaptable print - not all disks have the same spacing so it’s easy to scale this jig to suit whatever size is necessary.