Prusa Mini/Corexy


Wow! I’m usually not a fan of the Ender2 type cantilevered printers, but this is a decent size and the board is really quite slick. I’d love to be able to get that board, but while it’s open source, it may be a long while before someone else makes them, if Prusa doesn’t sell them.


In their blog post, the also mentioned making something like a 400x400 printer, but corexy. Possibly another reason they made that board.

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Is the board made by ultimachine? The previous ones were (einsy rambo is in the mk3).

The price is right at $350. The cantilever does spook me. It definitely will be harder to customize than the mk3, just because you can’t add much weight out there.

I would not be surprised if the board wasn’t made by ultimachine, they may have sourced another board closer to their factory, since they’re making the MMU boards and sl1 boards somewhere else. Their last factory tour showed all sorts of testing equipment they made, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a board manufacturer. They even sourced their own heatsink for the new hotend.

I like the 3:1 gearing, decent build volume, network connectivity, and USB port instead of SD card. Maybe signs of the next phase of prusa design. I won’t buy ultimaker because of cost, just the way my budget is, but man, the little things in the printers are great!

They certainly would do well to get competitive in the under $400 market.

I do like my MK2. It just works, all the time, well, other than having to replace the bed thermistor twice.

My CR10S was out of commission for a while until I did the upgrade on the extruder mechanisms and PTFE tubes. Works great now. It is not convenient with the bed level situation. So much easier when automagic.


Saw the Video last night and was floored at the price. As long as it maintains the quality and performance of the originals. I think Prusa was very smart for competing in this market. Definitely using this board on the corexy so this is kind of a test platform for them and helps generate money to finish R&D on corexy.

Will be very interesting to see the reviews of this thing, but at that price point with all those features and being a Prusa this could be great. I have the MK3S and I very rarely use the entire build volume so I think this could be a great first printer.

I hope they release an update for the MK3 with that board and display!

Probably the MK3 to mk4 upgrade kit, when it comes out.