Prusa Firmware?

Has anyone tried to configure the prusa firmware for use on the MP3DP?

I don’t know why.

Did you ever try this or get it to work. I’ve been wondering the same cuz then you should be able to use there files and run prusa slicer 2.0

I haven’t. You can use prusa slicer with Marlin though. I am/was more interested in the power failure recovery, and some of the other features they added.

Not yet but I plan to if they ever release a prusa MK4 with a 32 bit board. I plan to upgrade the board in my prusa and then use the Ensiy in my MPCNC. The idea will be that I get to use the fancy stepper drivers with sensor less homing. But that plan is several months down the road.

You can use them with the skr 1.3 or 1.4 board I’ve seen it on youtube

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