Project ideas

I found another website with some cool projects. Perhaps this could be a repository for where to find projects? Here’s one I just found:

Seems to be supporting their carving machine, but there’s lots of ideas and a forum with some good discussion.

I’ve been poking around this site and Inventables also has an all-in-one design and CAM program called Easel. It looks pretty user friendly but it’s setup primarily for their machine. I’m not sure the flavor of G-Code it outputs would be compatible with Marlin in the MPCNC. Can someone with more knowledge take a look?

It does look like it’s fairly locked down in order to make it easier to have a successful project.

Also, no tool changes, which is pretty constraining.

OH, as I’m typing this I’m still looking through their forum. There’s some crossover already as a topic mentions doing just this: