Project idea websites

Do any of you have favorite websites for cnc project ideas? I have trouble figuring out my next project!!

List of responses, in order of appearance:


Here is a non exhaustive list of ressources site where you could find project and/or inspiration:


Thank you, nice list.

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This one is great, many amazing projects:

This one has many great projects as well:


I had forgotten about the Zenzi one. Especially the 4th axis!

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Here’s one: project ideas


The most impressive of them all!


Forgot this one too :

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I sometimes even look at this one. Gallery | V1 Engineering Inc


Since they are not really open but kind of abuse that term, here is a collection of files when it actually used to be open:

I found another site where at least some plans are free: Parametric Archives - 3Bee Studio

I found this while looking at this chair: Selbstgebauter Bürostuhl aus der CNC Fräse – Konkludenz. Pretty neat.

There is also

And really beautiful chairs/tables: including a free download for the plans.

All links taken from here: Linksammlung – CNC-Möbel – Konkludenz


OMG!!! I need to redesign my home ASAP.

The only thing I would do differently is do some pockets here, so no gunk gets caught in the holes in the top of the table.


They look great, do they? I have Deepnest running for the last few hours calculating how I can fit those chairs on my LR the best. I can buy 2200x1250x18mm beech plywood for 100€, which is pretty cheap, compared to birch. I have the best results using a 800x1250 sheet, then I could do two chairs on two of those and use the 60x1250 cutoff for the last parts that did not fit. :smiley:

Here is my Deepnest after 6 hours of it running. :stuck_out_tongue: Aptek_Bar-Chair Deepnest 800.dxf (1.7 MB) I want to reduce the dogbones though and make them a little smaller, they are just too big. :smiley:

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Did you see this chairs though?! WOWzers, and as much as I live CNC, I love not seeing the connection on the chair’s surface.

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P.S. We should move this list out of the lounge.

Yeah, I also downloaded the plan for those. I don’t like the tall ones, but the Lounge Chairs are kick-ass. They can be found on instructables in one of the links in his post.

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Yes, good idea. Don’t you think this topic might also make a good Wiki post? A list with links to great designs, sorted by categories maybe? Or do we have that already?

/edit: So basically a new topic with a collection. I have holidays in three weeks, that would be a good project. :slight_smile:


Done. As you requested. :wink:

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Lol, lumberyard, “you want how MUCH plywood”??

If you are okay with that Riley, we can try it out. Wiki’s just let anyone (level 2 and up) edit the first post. Or should we keep it a normal thread and delete the tangential conversation posts and just leave the lists?

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