Problema con endstop en MPCNC Primo

Saludos, mi problema con los endstops en el eje de x es que si los conecto en su puesto correcto el motor X0 no se detiene y no deja X1 llegar al endstop. Pero si conecto los endstop de esta forma X0 en X1 y X1 en la posición de X0 si se realiza el homing. ¿A alguien le a ocurrido este problema? Gracias adelantadas…

Any chance you have the X0 and X1 steppers plugged in wrong on the control board? Start by unplugging one of the two steppers (power off) and then attempting to move the X axis. Is the correct stepper stopped? Use M119 and hand trigger each endstop to verify that they are wired as you expect.

If doing these two things doesn’t indicate the issue, post back with:

  • What control board you are using
  • What firmware you are running
  • Pictures of your wired control board
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Thank you Robert, I labeled the x axis cable wrong :smile: . Now is fixed and working.