Printing tips

Just a few notes as I print the parts for a low rider:

The “ZLeadNut” printed much better for me upside down than in the position it’s in by default. I got a usable print with it the default way (with the leadscrew nut mount holes up) but the overhangs were a little ugly - I had some minor issues with the PLA curling up printed in the default orientation…I could have turned my temp down a bit lower but this particular PLA tends to clog if printed much cooler. Could also try slowing it down more but I already print slow enough that when I did my MPCNC it took me on average about twice the estimated time listed for parts. So I tried flipping it and printing it inverted and got a MUCH cleaner print. It had more surface on the bed that way and less overhang to deal with. The pocket holes for the leadscrew nut mount screws are the trickiest bits this way but can always be cleaned up with a drill if I have issues with them.

Also might be worth noting infill on the page. I saw “As always I prefer PLA, 3 walls, use whatever you want. Dimensions are a little less critical than the MPCNC.” and assumed “use whatever you want” was the infill recommendation so printed the parts for the first Y plate at my usual 15-25% (15% for the spacers, 25% for the more functional parts.) Was a little surprised at how little plastic I was using and how quick they were going…then noticed on the thingiverse page that the recommendation is 55% like the MPCNC.

I’ll use the parts I did already - but keep a close eye on them. And have switched to my old MPCNC profile with 55% infill for the rest. I’ve been very impressed with how my failed MPCNC parts I’ve kept in my truck for torture testing have held up mostly due to the high infill. Other PLA parts in my truck torture chamber are easily deformed by mid-day here in the desert - but the MPCNC parts with their high infill are very resistant to deformation - I can put small dents in their surface but can’t massively deform them like I can other similar parts that were printed with 3-4 perimeters but lower infill.


I changed the infill, and if I do anything to the lowrider parts (might be a 25mm coming) I will flip the nut.