Printing multi-page templates from DXF files

Anyone know a simple way to turn a large DXF file into a printable 1:1 template that is tiled over multiple sheets of standard printer paper. I need to cut out and precisely drill a sheet of MDF for a project (frame for a CoreXY motion). Ideally this would be a linux-based (or web-based) solution and would incorporate alignment marks somehow on the individual pages to aid with alignment.

If I can’t get alignment aides, I’ll just add them manually to the DXF so that is a “nice to have” rather than a “need to have” requirement.

I’ve never used it. But maybe this would help:

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I hunted around and puzzled a bit and came up with this workflow:

  1. Export SVG from OpenSCAD
  2. Import into Inkscape
  3. Add a green background grid pattern to aid with alignment.
  4. Export as PNG
  5. Impot PNG into PosteRazor
  6. Export as multipage PDF
  7. Print

It is a little involved, but each step isn’t too bad. When I’m ready to do this for real my only not-to-self is to export a much higher resolution PNG. I used 96dpi and the lines are a bit fuzzy when printed out. Also I managed to put the grid over the lines instead of behind them. I got the grid idea from the BigPrint sample images but I made mine an angled grid so I don’t risk any off-by-one errors when assembling things.