Printer stopping during Home and how to reset it when it happens

So probably more basic questions… I position the axes above the stock at the origin point (about X120, Y1560, Z0), and with a G92, zero its position. It is a big table with Y axis of 1800+mm. When home (G28) About 2/3 of the way back to origin along the Y axis, it stops moving and the console says the “printer” (Repetier) needs to be reset. It has an Error. This sometimes happens twice. Why? How do I stop it from happening? And if it does, how do I reset the “Printer”? The machine is moving smoothly and quietly, so it would have to be some configuration issue, perhaps the Marlin firmware thinks it is trying to move out of the physical dimensions of the Lowrider? Thank you for any insights or references to doc.

There is a fixed BED SIZE in the firmware. You need to be within that size for the homing to not error.

We can’t adjust the bed size for everyone’s cnc, because they are all different and it is a compile time option. Just kake a mark where the bed size is, and then jog the machine inside that mark before G28.

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Once an error occurs, gcodes are no longer processed, correct? Do you need to issue a stop to reset the printer? When you do that, the steppers are de-energize and the Z-axis drops. Is there another way to clear the error? And thank you. I will put the bed size on a ToDo list, in the event I am faced with the need to build a custom version of the Marlin firmware :).

The error system in these little micros is pretty limited. According to the firmware, it just traveled way too far and it didn’t reach and endstop, so it has no idea how to recover. At that point, resetting is the only option and the motors will initialize as disabled.

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