Printed Parts - scale

Are you guys printing the parts at 100% scale? I printed (using PLA) one of the bottom feet to test things out (23.5mm version) and the hole diameter was about .5mm too small. Since the part is split to allow for some variance, I didn’t think it would matter. But I took the part with me to the store and test fit it on a piece of 3/4 EMT conduit and the part cracked. Should I just sand it next time or scale it up a tad in my slicer? What has your experience been?

I printed US 1" OD version 100% scale in PLA. And my prints of the feet were a little too small to fit the stainless pipe I used (I’m sure not the part design, just inaccuracies of my printer). The first one cracked in half before I even got it started. The 2nd one I sanded around the lip a little to see if it was just that area that was too tight, and it went about half way before splitting. I think I ended up scaling up about 1%, but honestly I don’t remember for sure.

The feet have always been a little undersized. Sometimes the conduit has a burr as well, which will make it worse. I heated mine up with a heat gun and jammed the tube in.

I had some slight problems with the 25mm ones as well and just used a dremel and a sanding drum to smooth out the inside of the printed parts and the edge of the tubes. After that i was able to “carefully” push them in. ( I think, i used a bit of wood and a hammer to go the last centimeter or so)

Ok, thanks for your input. Heat gun is a good option too, didn’t think of that.