Printed a lot of parts, but conduit doest match?

Hi Guys,

I been printing a bunch of parts, and I noticed that my holes were about 25.1 MM. Not a big deal right? But when I went to osh and bought a bunch of 1 inch conduit, I measured them to be 30mm. Anyone have any suggestiopns where I can source some correct size conduit? I printed a loootttt of parts for this not to work well…

Where in the world are you?

In the U.S. we use 23.5mm parts and buy 3/4" conduit, the Outside dimensions of it are 23.5mm.

For 25mm parts they are typically used in Europe, 25.4 in Australia or with Stainless steel in the US.

Im in the USA. The parts I’m printing are the 25.4 mm parts. I took my calipers and I measured the flex foot mounts to be 25.3. But my 1 inch conduit from Orchard suppy measures out to be 30mm. Im gonna go back and hope that the 3/4 inch conduit will fit.

Conduit is measured by the inside diameter. 3/4" ID measures. 23.5mm OD

You should try and find a local metal supplier for 1" OD stainless steel to fit you parts.

just found this pdf, it shows the id and od sizes of EMT.

rd-emtrigidaluminumconduit.pdf (25 KB)

Well. This is depressing. Went to homedepot and the best fit was 3/4 conduit. So both osh and home depot doesn’t have the stuff to correct outer diameter.

Does anyone know of a company online where I can buy piping to exact spec?

Hi Gordon, looking at your document, there is no 1 inch od, 25.4mm conduit listed. :frowning:

The only way to get 25.4mm rails to fit your parts in the US is stainless steel.

Look for a “metal supermarket”. To buy 1" steel. It will be more rigid than the conduit, so you accidentally got a better machine.

As stated by the others, you need 1" Stainless tubing. As Jeff said, Metal Supermarkets is a good place to get the tubing. They had one fairly local to me in Houston so I was able to order it there and pick it up. Their prices were good and the tubing seems to be nice. I should start assembly of mine tomorrow. The 1" tubing will measure a little over 1" in diameter but it will be fine. A little tight in the feet, but the other parts it should fit fine based on the measurements I have been taking of the printed parts.

Thanks guys. I didnt realize there were places locally that provide metal bare. I am talking to some folks now for quotes :slight_smile:

It should be commodity tubing. If it ends up being like $400, then it’s overly special. I’m not a steel guy but I think if you just ask for 0.065" walls and 1" OD, the rest is whatever.

What I bought is 1" OD x .065" Wall 304 Stainless Steel Tubing.You can also get the .049" wall which is what I think Ryan recommends due to price. What you want is drawn and welded tube. Which most tube this size is. Like Jeff says if it is like $400 then that’s not what you want. Depending on where you go for material they may also carry Seamless Tubing. Which is nice, but it is much more expensive. And for the MPCNC it is not really needed cause we are not dealing with burst pressures or corrosion. The tube for my 2’ x 3’ machine cost me about $150 cut to length and after sales tax.

Yea. I just checked with my local guy. For .065 thickness, can I build a 4x4 machine? I know ryan recommended me no more for 3.5 feet for .049, but I dont mind spending the extra money for the larger thickness. About 120 bucks. Would I be pushing my luck?

The thickness of the tube walls does a lot less for rigidity than you would think and quickly causes sag from all the added weight. Then you have to slow down considerably from all the added mass that can’t be accelerated /decelerated as quickly. A majority of the strength is in the surface and rapidly diminishes as you move in.

Thanks ryan for your help is a 3.5’ x 3.5’ with .065 diameter with supports suitable then. I will be putting my metal order in after lunch.

Sorry, When we say 3.5 x 3.5. Do we mean build area or max X/Y Rail?

That isn’t set in stone, just know your own machines limits.