Printable camera mount for 1/4" standard camera bolt?

I have a spare Logitech clone USB webcam that I’d like to use to monitor my MPCNC. It has a threaded insert for a standard 1/4" camera mount bolt. I’d like to 3D print a mount for it but most mounts seem to be for GoPros or Raspberry Pi webcams. I’d really like to avoid disassembling the entire MPCNC to add more conduit if at all possible - most of the mounts seem to want to slide onto the conduit wrather than clamp on with two parts.

There’s a mount that does exactly what I need but it’s for 1" conduit, and scaling it down in my slicer would probably screw up other proportions. Anyone know of a printable mount that might do what I need?

Optimally I’d like to mount it behind the endstop blocks for safety, or if there’s some kind of cap for the 23.5mm conduit that could mount the camera, that’d be even better.

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The model of the mount you reference could easily be modified for the 23.5mm tubing, but a better solution would be to add a liner or gasket between the mount and the tubing. Pick up a sheet of 2mm EVA foam at a craft store ($1 USD) and glue a strip on the inside of the mount. This will not only adjust the size but make the mount grip better on the tubing. If you have a roll of TPU filament, you could print a gasket instead.

If you instead want the model adjusted for the thinner tubing, I’d be glad to make the changes to the model.


EVA foam sounds perfect, I didn’t even think of that. We probably have some lying around the cosplay supplies bin. Thanks so much!


Just in case you want it, here is the modified bracket. (171.9 KB)