Print volume for Primo

Hi Guys,
Can’t seem to find the print volume required to print the parts for the Primo MPCNC.
Anyone know?
Thank you

I printed mine on a MK3S with no problems. Any 200x200 should work fine. You’ll just have to print in smaller batches.

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The largest piece is the core. In its original alignment, it requires (x,y,z) 155x80x140. Rotated 45 degrees about the Z axis, it will fit in 140x140x140.

If this is the one piece that is too big for your printer, Ryan sells the core separately in his shop. Plus, based on forum posts, it is the most likely print to fail.


Great answer -thanks!

I have an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro (resin) with a print area of 129 x 80 x 160.

  1. Can the core be printed in two parts and joined? (what is the “Core”?)
  2. Are there other parts that won’t fit?
  3. Is there a good resin for the strength requirements?
  1. You most definitely cannot print the core in two parts.
  2. I don’t think so.
  3. As far as I know resin is too brittle and won’t work at all. I might be wrong though.

My G–gle search shows a number of resins that boast toughness, but I still worry about the chunky parts getting UV curing to their centers, and the resins that boast the best are quite spendy.