Print Tolerances

How dialed in does the printer really need to be?

So I’ve only just started learning 3d printing and slicing software. Since my experience is limited I don’t really know what makes a good print or not.

I just printed off the Z_Lower_Burly more of as a test than anything. I used the generic 'ol white scrap PLA that came with the printer. As far as I can tell the print came out pretty decent for a first try. I choose the Z_lower so I could test the fit of the bearing, the hole for the bearing is just slightly larger than the bearing, not a press fit. There is no wiggle room for the bearing but it will easily fall out when the part is turned upside down. How tight of a fit should this be??

Are there any other parts litmus tests that I can perform to know if my printer/slicer is up to par?


This seems to me like an ambitions project to take on as my first 3d printing project, but… whatever. Gotta learn somehow.

Any comments on my settings?

Creality CR-10 Mini
Slic3r 1.3
55% infill, honeycomb <- what infill pattern do you guys prefer?
0.26 mm layer height (0.4 mm nozzle) <- per Ryan’s posts
3 perimeter shells, 3 top and bottom layers
All print speeds set to 30 mm/s <- per Ryan’s posts
Auto extrusion widths
200 C extruder / 60 C bed
4 mm retraction
45 mm/s retraction
Wipe while retracting ON <- really not sure about this one, or any of the retraction settings for that matter. Probably causing those blobs visible in the pictures.

Yes there are a few 100mm test parts on thingiverse. If you are within 1mm of 100 you should be fine.

Rectilinear, fast, strong, and easier on the printer.

Less if it not a bowden, I use 1-2mm

Careful, this depends on your extruder, geared ones can not handle this I use 24mm/s (wade, areo)

Off unless you use multicolor or material.

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I printed off a 25x25x25 cube as part of my extruder calibration per some website, it’s ± 0.03mm and dead on in extrusion width. I’ll print off a 100x cube and see what I get. I’ll slow down the retraction to 25mm/s and turn off the wiper. I’m using a CR-10, it is indeed a bowden setup.

Sounds like you are good to go then, Your bowden is direct drive and can handle those retract speeds.

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I am still curios though, how tight of a fit should that bearing be in the z_lower?

It does not matter, as long as you can push it in. It is held in by gravity and the tension of the coupler. Very hard to quantify how hard it is to push in.