Print in place cable chain!

I took the standard printable cable chain that works with most of the mods for mpcnc and brought it into onshape to increase some of the tolerances and mate all the connectors properly so they’d print connected. i made the stl with 10 links, you should be able to ungroup them in any slicer and remove links till it fits in your bed. Then copy it till it takes up your bed and all you’ll have to do is snap the lengths together and go. no more spending hours cleaning and snapping chain links together! I also increased the internal space to accommodate 3 cat5 lines and 2 16g soft stranded wire for the extruder. I could fit these in there before, but it was a very tight fit. so here’s the link:

Looks great, thanks. I’ll try it.

54 hits in one day! seems like everyone is digging on the lazy mans cable chain!


Seriously?…. Who uses abs anymore? jk

Why don’t you try it and get back with me, cause I’m not wasting my time trying to get abs to do anything. I made a knob once outta abs. not worth the hassle for me, 3d printing is my hobby… I’m not trying to make it a chore.

haha indeed. I don’t know why anybody would still use abs anyways. PLA prints way easier and if you want to pay a little more, go for PET(g).
It’s the only stuff I now print with it and I wouldn’t go back to anything else. Hydrofobic, food safe, barely any warping and strong. And if you go to the right suppliers it’s all made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Nice design btw.

Petg may be food safe, but 3d prints with it aren’t! It also doesn’t bridge worth a damn.

that’s not totally true. They are safe in contact with food. So they won’t leave harmful chemicals when in contact with food. However, it’s not food safe in the sense that a 3d print consists of many layers and can have bacteria in between the layers. But you can just boil this out. I printed many things that i can just put in the dishwasher and that i’m able to boil in cooking water. It get’s flexible in boiling water, but if you don’t push it in and just let it cool down, it will keep it’s form and kill most bacteria.

So yeah, in short, i have no problem continuing baking cookies with my petg cookie cutters. I didn’t die yet. :wink: Don’t know what all the fuzz is about constantly. Do you know how many bacteria there are around you?

And it bridges great, if you have decent cooling fans. I have to admit that bridging isn’t great on my prusa i3, but it’s the same as pla on my ultimaker.

I’m in love with PETG as well, bridging is tricky but in S3D I find slowing it down to ~80% and flow rate at 90% gets decent results even without fans. Love this cable chain, it’s next on the list to start today.

I’m building out a heated bed soon for my mpcnc so I can start printing more in petg. believe it or not my mpcnc does the best bridging out of my 2 printers. probably because the acceleration is much lower on the cnc.

Thanks, ztbex. but it isn’t my design. the chain has been around nearly as long and the term “rep-rap.”. I just made some slight modifications and lined the parts up so they can be plated easily. after you run cable chain on one mpcnc you’ll understand why I did this. i lost count but I think I printed over 200 links last time and I did it all on my early build mpcnc… lots of cleanup and sanding to build that chain!

PETG bridges fine, you just need sufficient cooling. I use a 13CFM fan, and PETG bridges every bit as well as PLA. As long as MakerGeeks keeps having these sales on PETG I’m never going back to PLA… PETG is just better in every way other than print speed.

Any ETA on the end parts? :slight_smile:


Next year…

I almost spit out my coffee. That is going to be my answer all day, to every question.


So…tomorrow? :smiley:


I should reiterate that this chain will work with other parts that are already available. i did make my chain able to hold more stuff inside it, but it is still the same chain. i am currently using pcflyer’s parts for my mpcnc. the chain was designed mainly to speed up the process.