Primo with MKS Gen L v1 and grbl

Good evening. I keep searching & searching, but can’t find a definitive answer. I’ve recently built a Primo, and I’m currently using a MKS Gen L v1.0 with Marlin. I’m wanting to make the switch to grbl, but can’t seem to get the Mega 5x firmware to move the X2 & Y2 steppers. My steppers are running independently with endstops.

Is this possible? Am I using the correct firmware version? Is there a preconfigured version?

Sorry for all the questions, just out of ideas now, and a bit of a virgin with grbl.

With Mega 5x you can define either generic or ramps boards. You will find the following text in config.h (about line 50)

// 4, 5 & 6 axis support only for RAMPS 1.4 (for the moment :-)…)
#define N_AXIS 5 // Number of axes
#define N_AXIS_LINEAR 3 // Number of linears axis
#define N_AXIS 3 // Number of axes = 3 if not DEFAULTS_RAMPS_BOARD

So if you have defined the generic board you are limited to 3 axis’ and if you defined ramps I suspect your outputs for E0 and E1 are on the wrong pins for your MKS board.

edit On a RAMPS board E0 use D26 and D28 for step and dir, E1 uses D36 and D34 but on your MKS E0 uses A6 and A7 and E1 uses D46 and D48 so no bueno!

The MKS Gen L is compatible with RAMPS.
It should work. Maybe you are for getting to set the configuration for dual motors?

Have you done this?