Primo Upgrade Medina, OH (Now with lasers!)

Well, I’m nearly there so I guess I’ll start my build thread

This part had me worried, but all went well :relaxed:

Almost there! Just one more truck and some conduit and then the tear-down can begin.


Just got back from Summit Racing with some tubes.

Getting the trucks loaded with bearings and dialing 'em in. (I know they’re not pretty, but they’ll do!)
Still have to print that last one…

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Looking at the previous pictures I just now realized the pattern on my shelves pretty much matches my carpet.


:musical_note: My darling dear, you look so queer, burly we hardly knew ye :notes:

4/9/2020 - 7/4/2020


Burly parts… coming soon to a for-sale forum near you.

Heh, I have a client in Medina.

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Are the trucks printed in PETG? The middle one is not looking that good.

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That was the first one I printed on a different printer. They are all Inland PLA. I’ll see how it goes and if I need a new one so be it. At 9.5 hours a piece I’ll take my chances. :shushing_face: :grin:

Okey dokey. My M5s should be here tomorrow but I’ll use some leftover #6s for the foot mounts just so I can see the rails go up and get them spaced and squared.

That last truck is about 50% done on the printer. Guess thats all until tomorrow.


HA, who am I kidding. I’m up till 2 every night anyway. Truck just finished. Loaded and mounted along with the steppers.


Hey Tim O ,
just wondering if thats stainless tubes and if so how much do they run at summit. Just in case i decide to upgrade later on.

@Darianivan It’s just mild steel tubing, not stainless. Seems pretty rigid so far though.

$17.49 each 8’ section

would that work for the burly c?

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The ‘C’ version is solely for 3/4" EMT conduit, with an OD of 23.5mm (I think). It’s commonly galvanized steel, and is plenty rigid enough for the suggested size envelope.

  • C onduit - 3/4" EMT or 23.5mm OD conduit (the 3/4" in this case is ID with a standardized wall thickness)
  • F oreign - 25mm OD steel tubing
  • J umbo - 1" or 25.4mm OD steel tubing

Edit: corrected dimension

I believe the 3/4" conduit has a 23.5mm OD.

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yep just caught that. you got the 1" tube.

Oops, I’m sorry, did I say tomorrow? I meant Saturday! Apparently it takes 6 days to get something from Massachusetts to Ohio. And according to the tracking, it took two days to get from one side of the Akron distribution center to the other. Sheesh! I think Amazon shipping has spoiled me.

Ah well, now I can continue…

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Well, it moves!
For those who might be tired of the crown😉

I don’t know if it’s the bigger tube, or the new design, or both but this rig is way more rigid then the burly. Even with my one junky truck.