Primo UGS need help with basic setup, absolute beginner

I have finished building my primo, but now I stuck with first setup. Because I’m on Mac I use UGS.
First I have to say, I’m an absolute beginner!
I guess I have to set Home 0 point first.
When I use set up wizard it is asking for correct motor direction, but to be honest, I don’t know the meaning of x,y,+, -. Where has it to go if I click e.g. y+?
When I try to run the test crown, machine drive a few cm and then makes an evil ratteling, which sounds like it tries to remove the teeth of the belt.
Can anyone give me a step by step for absolute beginners?

Step1: Get the axes moving in the correct direction.
You plugged your steppers in with 2 for X and 2 for Y. Standing along the side of the machine you defined as X axis, the home/origin position of the machine will be in the front, left corner. Negative values should move towards that origin. Negative X values should move you to the left as you stand at the base of your machine, and negative Y values should move down towards the base of the machine. If any motor or pair of motors is moving the wrong way, flip any connection to that motor(s).

Step 2: Run the crown.
The grinding noise you had is the stepper losing steps. It is non-destructive. It probably means that either one of the pair of steppers for an axis is not working, or that the steppers are working against each other. If one is not working, it is most likely you installed the wrong firmware, or have a wiring issue. Be sure to run the premade g-code file of the crown. At this point, don’t try to make one with CAM.

Thanks for the explanation in step 1 Robert! Now I understand!
Regarding step 2, I explained it badly! The timing belt is definitely rattling. She runs into a corner and starts rattling. The crown seems to start in an incorrect position, so I assume the home position needs to be defined first.
Should it be in the middle of the surface or in a corner?
Does wizard > step calibration > set to zero mean set to home?

The pre-made crown has a G92 that sets wherever the pen is at the time you start as the origin position of the crown. It will grow to the right and back of your machine. I’d put your pen near the home/origin corner of your machine. The premade crown’s g-code file only drops Z 1mm, so you want the pen to almost be touching the paper when you start.

he runs into a corner and starts rattling.

If the axis gets held up for any reason, you will lose steps and hear an awful noise and feel some significant vibration. This is non-destructive and expected. I’m not sure of your exact situation. If you don’t get it sorted, post a video, and someone on the forum will give you some feedback.

wizard > step calibration > set to zero mean set to home?

Is this a UGS or a display menu item? Anyway, I would avoid exploring this feature at this point. You don’t need now, and the “wizard” is usually associated with a set of steps done when setting a machine up, not something that would be done for every job.