Primo Print Check-off Sheets (another)

Primo Dewalt 660 pg 3


@vicious1. I like this format. How would you like these integrated into the parts page?

@vince, do you have these part images in a folder you could zip and share?


That would be cool, as a download or spreadsheet link seems best?

I like the printouts. I also like a google sheets BOM. I use those myself when making big projects.

I was actually just suggesting a column in the docs table for the part pics.

I don’t want to make a bunch of duplicate info that needs to be updated carefully though.

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Yes, parts pics would be a nice addition.

A sheets BOM is a pretty nice thing to be able to print out, I have not looked into printing the mkdocs pages yet.

Hi Jeffeb3. Give me a few and I’ll zip and send them to you. My presentations looked better printed in .pdf format, but their proprietary stuff prevents it here. You and Ryan can do anything you want with them. Please use them anyway you feel best. They were real easy to do. Let me know if I can be of any service to you folks in the future.


To MPCNC (204.8 KB)

Jeff and Ryan. Please double check my numbers and pairings before doing anything. Haha.

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I’ve got a check-off sheet for the MPCNC. It’s in a different format, but I’d be happy to prepare the graphics as I did with the Primo project and send to Jeff and Ryan for your use. I’d be more than happy to do this for any and all of your other projects. These are really easy to do in Win 10 3D Viewer. You can rotate from anywhere, move the shading around and have a very limited choice of colors. I have a few other graphic programs that I can give these to you in any color, shape, size, view, etc… The ones I sent were in green and black. I payed no attention to the color when I did them. I’d be happy to redo them all in a standard grey or any color you think would be best presented. These were .jpg’s. I can convert to many other formats. For all you guys do for us, this is the very least I can do to show my appreciation to the both of you.


Thanks. When I get to a keyboard, I will check them out.

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This is very commendable. When I printed the burly (first time in the v1 rabbit hole), I found it very confusing to get a grip on all the parts. An illustrated table would be very convenient for many of us!