Primo, Primo.....what am I going to do with you Primo?

I tore apart the Burly today so now have a giant open space in my shop - which for my shop is VERY dangerous and will be lost forever to something else if I don’t devise a plan relatively soon for the Primo.

My burly build (and table that supported it) was very large - a 40" X 20" workspace. I know I do not need that size again. I have a very, very strong desire to start flip milling aluminum, maybe 1/2" thick but only like 3"X5" at the most? I have a specific tool in mind I’d like to try making on my own. I’d also like to be able to use the machine to mill some aluminum YZ plates for my second LR3.

Wood working will be handled by the second LR3 so I really really think I could build Primo to be metal-specific. Is it nuts to build a Primo that small (sized to enable me to cut the YZ plates but not a lot bigger)?

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That feels a little bit on the small side to me. But you might just learn something none of us have yet.

PCB milling is another potential useful machine and something that small is huge for PCBs. I have always wanted to make my own PCBs but the chinese fabs are so cheap it is hard to justify it at home.

For that size wouldn’t it be better to build one of those bedslinger mills? Don’t know the name. :smiley:

Just before bed I measured up the LR3 end assemblies and it looks like a 12 X 12 working area would cover that. Thinking back on how I used the Burly, other than for the ice work which was a bit limited, it’s tough for me to pinpoint a size that wouldn’t have me wishing I’d built it a bit bigger. I think small is going to be okay in this instance. PLUS I’ll have the LR32 setup with a work area of 20 X 30 that can be used to fill any wood needs I may have. AND we know how easily I could extend the Y on that if required.

Is the thought that such a small work area is way overkill for something as robust as the Primo? I’ll remind you that not only will I be reusing the Burly stainless tubes - they were the thick wall stainless tubes.

I’m unfamiliar with this? Is the accuracy and ability comparable to what people have done with the Primo?

I don’t know how they are called.

Something like this in smaller:

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Holy hell! That’s a serious piece of equipment that guy built there!!

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