Primo MPCNC For Sale - New Jersey

Hi All,

I have parts for a full Burly and Primo MPCNC. I did build the Burly and had it running but am no longer able to maintain this hobby for unrelated reasons. I went full in…. I purchased both HW kits from Ryan, the upgrade kit was never installed. This includes all the 3D parts for both. Some of the Burly parts are beat up. All new Primo parts, never installed. Dewalt router, other printed parts like drag chain, wire covers…. I have more than I’d like to admit into this, probably several hundred $. I’m not trying to profit (not possible anyway) but looking to recover some. I’m open to offers…. I’d like to get at least $300. Please reach out to if you are interested.


Purchased from Ryan:
Mostly Printed CNC Parts Bundle × 1 m(6A / RAMBo Dual Firmware & Wire kit)
Full Graphic Smart Controller, Big × 1
MPCNC Burly to Primo Hardware Update Kit × 1 w/ GT2 10mm Belt × 5

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