Primo J 25.4” parts price of shipping only

I was donated a nice looking set of Primo parts.

Looks to be complete, other than a tool mount.

Shipping in the US is $14.


Looks familiar :wink:


YEah buddy!

Mike is the one to thank for the free parts. Thank you mike.

P.S. The prints look fantastic! Better than mine.

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So tempted… Shipping to the Great White North? (Well, if I do this, there are a few more.things I’ll want from the shop…)

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$53. There is not a ton of room left in a med box but I can let you know if it will fit or not.

If Dan doesn’t take it, for $53 shipping to Canada, I’m interested.

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As tempted as I am, I’ll pass on this one. My project dance card is a little overfull at the moment. :frowning: I’ve also got an almost complete set of parts printed, except a core…

Okay, like I said, I’m interested, let me know what I need to do to make it happen.

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Gone, thank you Rocco!