Primo for sale

Selling my Primo.
Moved to a new table, and decided to order a OneFinity.

Currently Mounted on a 48"x48" table (table not for sale)
Does not include router.

X and Y are both 1" 16 guage(.065) 304L Stainless Steel tubing
Approx 5" Z, and usable 32"x34" workspace.
Dual EndStop

Just updated the controller, have not wired. Powered up, all works fine

Controller purchased Oct 14.
6Pack Controller Mother Board
qty 1: 5v Output Module
qty 2: 4x Input CNC IO Module
qty 1: Relay CNC I/O Module
qty 1 OLED Display CNC I/O Module

$500.00 plus shipping

Link to pictures:[View Pictures on Google Photos]

I’ll offer $400. New from this site is $512,and buying from the manufacturer gives you a bit of warranty if something doesn’t work.

Do you know what the router mount size is?

What would shipping to 15218 be?

Hi Adam.
I want to thank you for the offer.
The router mount is for a Makita. UPS Ground Shipping is estimated around $70.00.

On October 14th, I just purchased a new control board, and modules from Tindie. That alone was $200.00 not counting the drivers. The controller is brand new, has only been plugged in to verify it worked.
Included modules are listed in the post.

Drag Chain and Stainless tubing with shipping, was another couple hundred dollars. I am not sure I will drop below $500.00. If I get no hits here, I will probably keep the controller, and donate the tube and printed parts to the local university tech school. Also tossed around the idea of making a small 18x18 with the existing parts.

Thanks Adam.

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Control boards are still sold out after almost 2 weeks, so i guess $570 is ok. My paypal is if you want to send an invoice.

Hi Adam.
Before I do so, With all due respect, not knowing if you have worked with MPCNC before, I want to make sure you know this is a hobby device, and does require some setup and learning. The controller will need to have the stepper drivers installed. They were not included with the controller, however I will send with the device.

Wiring is included, and already wired to the steppers. The design is a dual-endstop. The controller is supposed to already be programmed to support dual endstops. If there is a controller firmware issue, you will need to work with Bart Dring (the designer of the controller), for technical support. I think Bart is a member of the V1 Eng forum. Also you need to have the ability to change the firmware.
Please review the controller information before purchase, make sure this is for you.

Support for the MPCNC is through the community forums. I do not provide any support.

If you are good with that, let me know.

Thanks Adam.


hello john is this still up for sale //?? ware are you located 70 $$ shiped to fla

Hi Ron.
Sorry, it is sold.

Thanks for asking.

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Hi Adam.
I sent you all the shipping information.
Additionally, I installed and tested each of the stepper drivers.
Included a link to the .h file, as well as some links for the controller.
You should have the machine before Christmas.

I’ve got a primo set for sale. No controller or router but everything else is there.