Primo C for sale Cincinnati

Just need some wire management. Rambo 1.4, Screen, dual endstops. 25”x25” carve area. Makita mount no router $400

Will ship without the conduit except Z will be left intact.


Good afternoon, I want to apologize in advance. I just signed up today for the forums and have been looking into the idea casually or building one of the CNC machines for probably a year or 2 now, but in the past few weeks have start to get more serious about starting the process. So I am not sure how knowledgeable you are in the CNC realm, but I personally have never done anything in the maker space in general (at least with machines). So never any hands on experience with CNC or 3D printing yet. So sorry for all the questions especially if they seem elementary.

Little background about myself that might help in how you answer the my questions depending on how much you knew yourself. Over the past maybe year or two I have just taught myself a little through watching videos on Youtube & looking around sites like this a little & even glancing at forum posts if search results returned some. However I am extremely technical as my career is in the the IT industry, but working with tools and such entry level I would say as I have modified computer cases and other fairly simple projects as such. I do like to learn and tinker so I am not afraid to learn, so not one of those people that need something fully assembled assuming the documentation/resources are solid and its not like a 2 day project putting together a kit.

1] Why are you selling? Have you had any trouble with any of the components, even if you have replaced them?
2] Cincinnati, Ohio? I am near Albany NY.
3] Shipping included in that $400 asking price?
4] Primo is the V2 of the Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC) from what I gathered. What is the “C” represent though?
5] What OD is this build? [23.5mm (3/4"), 25.4mm (1"), or 25mm]
6] So would I just need to purchase the the X & Y rail sides? Would I need to purchase X & Y rail gantry?
Reference: …/mpcnc/calculator/#tool-choice
Example I put in 25"(X) x 25"(Y) x 3.25"(Z) work space, so I would need to purchase
X-Axis = 37 inches (x2) rails, sides
X-Axis = 34.75 inches (x1) rail, gantry
Y-Axis = 37.25 inches (x2) rails, sides
Y-Axis = 35.25 inches (x1) rail, gantry
7] Z-Axis Workspace
81MM? 3.25"?
8] Anything else you can think of to add, suggest, etc knowing I am completely knew to the maker space?

I want to thank you in advance. I appreciate your time you took in order to help me as much as you could.

  • Michael

I’ll let Gary answer the machine -specific questions but I can tell you that the C stands for “conduit,” I.e. US 3/4” electrical conduit. The three sizes that @vicious1 has historically designed for are C(onduit), J(umbo), and F(oreign). These match up to the ODs you ask about.

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Thanks! That is a nugget of knowledge I will need to retain.

I have decided to go a different route because we run a business now since I have built the machine. It is a great setup and loved tinkering with it and did get some great carves, however I am limited on room in my shop and needed the room for a more industrial cnc machine. If you love to tinker them get into it you will have a lot of fun building this and the feeling when you see it in action is worth it

It is the 23.5 3-4” conduit, I did sell it today to someone that already setup a burly.

Well thanks for the heads up.

So did you use the MPCNC machine and started up a business and found it was profitable quickly so you are scaling up? I only ask because I was thinking of starting a business around CNC milling and 3D printing so was curious if you have any input if you followed a similar path.

We started a business after the build, however our business came from other cnc machines, 3d printers and laser engraving. We never got around to doing anything with the business with the primo as all our stuff runs on GRBL witch is more of a standard for cnc where as marlin is more for 3d printing

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@Empty3 my experience with cnc started with a sainsmart 3018 and I learned a lot from them

I have heard both mentioned in over time in YouTube videos and such, but I was not aware of that segregation. I learned something new. Thanks!

Just a note: The MPCNC can run on GRBL as well, you just need to have your controller programed to run that.

I can confirm. Running current version of grbl on a CNC shield/arduino stack. Very economical approach as long as you don’t need auto-squaring/dual endstop configuration.