PRIMO 30x30 For Sale US - Northeast PA

MPCNC Primo Built last June and works great! It has a 30" X 30" cutting area. Has E-Stop button wired to a power strip. Using the SKR board and LCD with dual endstops. All components bought from V1. Enclosure has port for 2" vaccum hose and LED lighting. Table has 3/4 MDF base on top of tosion box. New T-Tracks are 36" long, I was going to cut them but figured I would just replace the MDF strips instead. I love this machine and the community behind it and would love to keep it nut I got a great deal (almost free) on a barely used Long Mill and really don’t have the space for two.

$500 is for the machine and electronics only. (No router)

$700 for the machine and lighted enclosure. (no router)

$1000 for the machine, enclosure, router and table.