Primo 25mm - reprinting

When Primo 25mm parts went live, I obviosly started printed. However, from the behemonth Primo thread, and a couple of build-threads, I could understand that some problems crept up in the core, and a few other parts.

I’m not sure I ever got the conclusion to that adventure, except a new batch of parts was uploaded.

As someone who has printed (almost) all the old 25mm Primo parts - what should I reprint to continiue my build?

You could reprint core and core clamps or you could just print a modified version of the clamps. That’s what I and a few others have done and it works pretty well.

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Great to hear - thanks. I’ll try to print the modified clamps. If I experience wobble, I’ll do the full reprint of clamps and core. My original plans for a two-color scheme went out the window a few colors ago already, so everything is printing on leftovers at this point.

I’m getting my tubes later today - so tomorrow I might start building. I’ll make sure to make a build-thread as well at some point :).

I wrote in another thread that I tried to correct a 4mm offset with the original clamps and the wobble for 2 hours and did not succeed. With the modified clamps it took me a few minutes.

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