Pressure Advance/OrcaSlicer

I saw some talk about OrcaSlicer and I am now diving into it a bit on my MP3DP V4. I am going through all of the calibration tests that it has built in. So far so good except pressure advance has always confused me.

I ran the test and each line seems to look pretty much the same all the way through. None of the pressure advance test lines really look different from the previous.

Is pressure advance something that has to be enabled in the firmware or anything? Is this test not actually doing anything at the moment?

I’ll assume you are using Marlin?

If so, it does need to be enabled in the firmware, and is known as Linear Advance in Marlin. I don’t remember if it has been enabled by default in the later version of Marlin or not.

There’s a guide here for setting it up for Marlin

Thanks for the help! I am familiar with how to open up the Marlin folder in VSCode and change this setting in config_adv.

However, I am not sure how to obtain a new flashable file from this newly edited config file.

In order to open in VSCode, I took the zipped firmware file from the V1 github, I unzipped it, opened it to find the firmware.bin and another zipped file. I then unzipped that next file to access the main “Marlin” folder. This is the folder that I am editing in VSCode. But now how do I get a new firmware.bin file? Because ultimately that is what will be put on the SD Card to flash the firmware to the SKR Pro, correct?

The instructions for compiling the bin are here: platformio

You can’t just compile it in vscode, you need platformio. The compiler is pretty different.

I would suggest taking the .zip and getting that built without changing anything first. Then change just one parameter at a time and build in between. Making sure you address any errors in the console from the top down.

The output firmware.bin is in a folder in the project. I can’t remember the name, but a file search or just poking around will find it pretty quick. The compiler also prints out the filename in the console if it works.

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Gotcha. I have been trying to follow the instructions in the link you linked but I may be in over my head :sweat_smile:

I have downloaded VSCode and then installed PlatformIO IDE.

It is telling there is an error in config_adv in the very first line but I have yet to change anything yet…

Also, I do not have the blue bar across the bottom where the compile check mark is.

it also wants to know if I want to install C/C++ extension pack. IDK, do I!? Beats me.