Precision of cuts for pipes

Hello, I am about to order precut pipes. The provider said he cannot guarantee mm precision cuts.
From what I understand, it is important to be precise for the feet, but for the rest, one mm less or more wouldn’t have a noticeable impact.
Is that correct?

If that’s the case, I will place the order with only one additional mm for feet, then grind myself to make them the right size and equal.

If the feet pipes comes equal (all 4 with the same lenght) you don’t need to recut them.
Enjoy your new CNC

Sure, how about the other lengths. Precision is less important for the tubes which are not feet, right?

Correct, they can stick out or be recessed a bit, no problem.

Super, thanks for the answer

Even the legs can be fixed. I cut mine with a bandsaw and ended up with 4 slightly different pieces. Just grab your micrometer and print spacers so they’re all ending up the same length.