Pre-build questions as i wait on parts

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions(whilst i wait)

  • I have a laser cutter and I’m thinking of cutting the y plates out of 2 x 1/4" plywood and gluing them together for each side…will this have enough support?
  • i have the rigid R2901 router, it’s 93mm in diameter… I know the documentation stated that there is room for 100mm. has anyone tried a router of this size… any issues ?
    i might try scaling a thingiverse model i saw to fit this router:

i’ve seen some people in the US mention unistruts, has anyone in Canada tried using these as rails? If so you did you get them from?

just measured the plate DW611 plate between the screws… I should have enough for my router.

I have that same router in my shop. It’s pretty heavy and the base that is supplied with the router won’t fit between the bearing rollers on the 611 plate. You would have to make a custom mount. I had used the small trim version of the router for a while then bit the bullet and just got the Makita router as it has more variable rpm range. Your glue up might be fine to start. It will get it going and you can always cut a thicker parts when you are up and running.

Having a wide base on the router would helm with he rigidity, the trim router has a pretty small footprint so I could flex the 611 plate easily which is why I just switched to aluminum


i also have a lot of 3/4" ply and mdf in the house, I’m waiting for the kit to see the screws are long enough for an extra 1/4" of material

saw this on thingverse, just trying to resize to see if it will fit…