Power Supply

What is a Good Power Supply to power ever thing?


Links on the parts page, for a standard build 12v 6A.

You might want to clarify what “everything” means, just in case.

Is that enough power for the motors and a laser?



Probably not.

Glad I asked.

The power supply you will need depends on your laser.

How do I go figure out how big of a supply I need ?


12v 5A + how ever many amps your laser needs, and then it is best to add a few more amps on top of that.

Some lasers come with their own power supply.

If you put a link to what you want I’m sure one of us can help you. You should also give more details on your build, buying it from here or sourcing it yourself (if so what components).

I bought the printed parts from you. The other part Ebay and Ect. Some I had.

Thanks, Larry


I can’t help if I don’t know what laser it is.

What power supply did you buy from me?

I don’t have a power supply yet.




If y0u just link the laser you want to buy you could have an answer real easy. Or the leo laser linked on the site in the how to page gives all the details needed.

I believe this is the one I have (Bought it some time ago)

Operating current: 2A
The mpcnc needs 5A, so I would say 12V 10A minimum.


Is that a good laser?


Never used it. Maybe someone that has will chime in.

I take it more amps for the power supply won’t hurt?



I used a Dell DA-2 that was being thrown away at work. They are 220W 12VDC, have a long cord so the brick can lay on the floor, and are available for ~$10 on eBay. Just cut the PC connector off and connect the blue wire to ground (you could add a switch). There are three sets of white and black wires.

Do you know how many amps the Dell DA-2 is?


This one says 18A


Wow, quite the url.

I’ve been using an old 300watt PC power supply. Drives the CNC and a 2.5watt laser without issues.